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    17 Mar 2017

    AddMeFast Bot 20,000 points daily

    addmefast bot

    So, What Is AddMeFast?

    AddMeFast promises a quick, painless way of getting more likes, shares and follows across a number of social networks. In basic terms it is a social ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ kind of system. Users choose to either like, share or follow other users on popular social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram) and for that they are awarded points. They can then use these points to get people to do the same on their profiles; it’s a social media transaction.

    Username : On HAX
    Serial Number : 

    Username : www.onhax.net
    Serial Number : ULI13H7muBfU/ZhTxanWMHhvGpQ3nXQWa8vfLVJpIkjc/b74V+eiXf7+

    Username : www.onhax.net
    Serial Number : EkDHtXmCAG3eEU2eBOWRCLMOuV4H5lGR76aYuoTzrD9l5/DW95i5b/7+
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